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This game is a puzzle patformer in which you will have to hack the DNA of living organisms to change the properties of inanimate objects for you to reach the end of the level.


The main character, the professor Ivanov, is an old scientist and biohacker who has failed to become famous during his career. He's very frustrated and would give his life to become famous before he dies. There are rumors in his village which tell that people hear some monstruous screams coming from the center of the abandoned nuclear reactor of Tchernobyl.

It could be an unknown mutant specie. Pr Ivanov decides to look for this mutant that could be his last chance to become a legend among his peers.

Game Design:

  • Ludovic Moge
  • Cindy Ficher

Game Programming:

  • Juliette Rutkowski
  • Bastien Bouquin
Graphic assets by Ludovic Moge and Cindy Ficher.
Sound Design by Ludovic Moge
Font my 04.jp.org

Install instructions

Install instructions

  • Download "Tchernobyl Glorious DNA Quest"
  • Unzip CRI project.rar
  • Run TGDQ.exe


  • Gamepad needed.
  • Use A button to jump and Y button to pick up some DNA. You can then drop it by pressing Y again, or throw it by keeping X pressed while aiming with the left joystick.


Tchernobyl Glorious DNA Quest 153 MB

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